Gavin & Stacey Christmas special 2019, review: a funny, poignant and perfectly pitched return for one of the best comedies of recent years

Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon as Nessa and Uncle Bryn
Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon as Nessa and Uncle Bryn

The worst thing about Gavin & Stacey was always Gavin and Stacey. Not that there was anything wrong with the actors who played them, Mathew Horne and Joanna Page三级成人视频. But as the original series wore on, the characters went from cute to cloying to plain annoying. So early reports that the Christmas reunion special would centre on their marriage did not fill me with festive cheer.

Show creators Ruth Jones and James Corden aren't daft, though. They know where the show's appeal lies. A storyline about Gavin and Stacey’s relationship 10 years on - the passion waning after three kids to the point where they planned to get some kitchen units in the January sales rather than buy each other a Christmas gift...

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