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Prince Charles' 70th birthday photo
Prince Charles' 70th birthday photo Credit: Getty

三级成人视频They are among the most photographed people in the world, from historic state events to the personal family moments they choose to share with the nation.

三级成人视频The Royal Family’s penchant for photography is not just light entertainment, but key to the very survival of the British monarchy, it will be claimed, in a new Kensington Palace exhibition.

The exhibition, Life Through A Royal Lens, will show how the early adoption of photography was critical in boosting the monarchy’s popularity, in a tradition embraced by members down to the modern day.

三级成人视频It will include family photo albums which have never been shared with the public before, as well as a new image of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh previously considered a little too intimate for release.

The exhibition will aim to show how the British Royal Family’s acceptance of photography and work with the media has seen them strike a “very careful balancing of intimacy and splendour, relatability and mystique, tradition and innovation”, its curator said.

The Queen Mother photographed by Cecil Beaton in 1939

Tracing 180 years of history, it will go on to show that the subject matter of royal photography has changed little, from Victoria and Albert’s albums of their children to the Duchess of Cambridge’s shots of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Intriguingly, it will include one previously unseen image of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, taken as part of a set by Matt Holyoak for their 70th wedding anniversary in 2017.

Then, the picture of the “completely relaxed” Queen, sitting in a chair and smiling directly up at her laughing husband, was seen as slightly too intimate for an official photograph.

Her Majesty has now “very kindly agreed” it can be used in the exhibition, curators said. It will not be released as part of publicity material, so those curious to see it must attend the May exhibition in person.

A new version of the Queen and Prince Philip's 70th wedding anniversary pictures will go on show Credit: Matt Holyoak

Other unseen pictures to go on display include a photo album assembled by the young Edward VIII, with snapshots of ski trips, garden games, bicycling royal children and George V and Queen Mary in “relaxed mode”.

三级成人视频In a section entitled Monarchy and the Media, visitors will see shots of Diana, Princess of Wales and her son Prince Harry walking through the minefields in Angola decades apart, and a wide image of the Lindo Wing with press and public waiting eagerly outside for Prince George’s birth.

Princess Diana in 1997 Credit: Tim Graham

Some of the earliest items are an 1860 photograph of Princess Alexandra of Denmark, sent to Queen Victoria when they were considering a bride for the then Prince of Wales, and 1858 series of Victoria, Albert and their eldest daughter taken just before her wedding.

Queen Mary is seen digging a potato plot at Windsor in 1917,the Queen Mother, ethereal in white in the Buckingham Palace garden for a 1939 shoot with Cecil Beaton, and the Queen with her mischievous older children in 1954.

Queen Mary digging potatoes Credit: Royal Collection Trust

三级成人视频Family shots from Lord Snowden’s archive will also be made public, along with a reminder of Prince William’s famous cover of Attitude Magazine and his wife in British Vogue.

三级成人视频The most recent  images include Prince Charles’ 70th birthday picture featuring the Cambridge family and Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Pakistan, and Prince George posing for his mother’s camera for his 6th birthday.

Prince George turns 6 Credit: Duchess of Cambridge

三级成人视频All relevant members of the modern Royal Family have given permission for their images to be used, while the Queen has signed off items from the Royal Collection to go on display.

Claudia Acott Williams, curator at Historic Royal Palaces, said the exhibition would explore why British monarchy has survived while others throughout Europe collapsed, highlighting how photography was “vital” to their success.

Victoria, Albert and the Princess Royal  Credit: Royal Collection Trust

三级成人视频“What made British monarchy so powerful in its presentation was very much established by Victoria, “she said. “It was an amazing show of domesticity; this very careful balancing of intimacy and splendour, relatability and mystique, tradition and innovation.

三级成人视频“The British monarchy were huge pioneers of photography. They very quickly understood its potential as a medium, not just for documentation and enjoyment but also as a tool.”

Life Through a Royal Lens opens at Kensington Palace on 15 May.