As ever, they were closely matched.

三级成人视频But while the Duke of Cambridge impressed with his strong juggling skills, it was the Duchess who triumphed on the sports field, displaying impressive ball control and a powerful hurling swing as they tried their hand at traditional Irish sports.

三级成人视频The couple’s final day in Ireland was marked by an array of sporting activity - and the obligatory competition between husband and wife.

The future King and Queen became the first members of the royal family to ever visit a Gaelic Athletic Association club, gamely taking part in football training practice and a hurling shoot out with young members of the Salthill and Knocknacarra club.

The gesture was seen as hugely symbolic given the GAA’s traditionally staunch Republican membership.

The couple each joined a team of ten-year-olds, kicking and throwing a ball in drills known as going toe to hand.

三级成人视频The Duchess got off to a strong start and was cheered as she maintained control of the ball throughout. The Duke, on the other hand, looked all but clumsy by comparison, repeatedly losing his ball to groans and laughs from the sidelines.

Credit:  Aaron Chown/PA

Aware he needed to claw it back, the Duke  taunted his wife as she prepared to take the first hurling shot - known as sliotar -   before missing the ball.

“You’re on camera,” he called out. “No pressure.”

Perhaps buoyed by his provocation, the Duchess managed to hit the ball on her third attempt, throwing her arms in the air in celebration and relief.

The Duke stepped up and hit his ball straight away, although failed to get a goal. Both eventually scored on their third attempt.

Coach Carol O'Connell said she was impressed with the couple’s performance: “It’s not that easy,” she said.

三级成人视频“She started good initially and he had power in his shot. They must have been practising.”

Fionn Molloy, the ten-year-old goalie, thought the Duchess has a future in the game: “It was cool playing with them, I think Kate was better, she had powerful shots,” he said.

三级成人视频Club secretary Conor McGauran said: “Symbolically it’s a massive deal for us. The royals have never set foot in a GAA Club before.

“It’s history being made. Plain and simple.

The Duke and Duchess during a meeting with Galway Community Circus performers Credit:  Peter Morrison/REX

“I think it’s a massive indication from the Royal Family about their hopes and intentions to connect even further with the community of Ireland, not just parts of Ireland or the hierarchy.

三级成人视频“This is more than just symbolic, this is them playing our national sport, this is them getting involved in a community-based organisation that’s completely run by volunteerism, so to me it’s a huge message of support for Irish-British relations.”

三级成人视频Earlier, it had been the Duke’s turn to show off his sporting prowess, playing the role of court jester as he demonstrated his juggling skills.

三级成人视频The couple were at Tribeton, one of Galway’s best-known an Art-Deco buildings, to be given a taste of some of the acts that will represent the city later this year as it hosts the European City of Culture.  

They included the Galway community circus, which works with more than 600 diverse young people to advance their social development.

Both wisely declined to try out the tightrope; the Duchess, who was wearing a green dress by Suzannah, blaming her heels while the Duke warned it would leave him  “a sack of someone on the floor.”

Clearly aware of where his strengths lay, he added: “But I’ll give juggling a go.”

Revealing he had done “a bit of juggling” before, he took three balls and promptly juggled perfectly for around 15 seconds.

三级成人视频His decision to “up the stakes” with a fourth ball, proved a step too far however, ending in failure.

“Ha! I think I’ll just stick with three,” he said.

Credit: Pool/Samir Hussein

三级成人视频After watching a performance by a group of local teenagers in a band called NØÖV, the Duchess said: “I wish we could have brought George and Charlotte along, they would have loved it.  

“And George is starting to learn the guitar.”

Chatting to the tightrope walkers later, she revealed:  “Charlotte is really into gymnastics, she’s doing cartwheels, handstands, everything.  It’s so good for their basic skills of balance and co-ordination.”

三级成人视频The Duke chipped in: “And their flexibility, it’s really good for their long-term health, isn’t it. We went to watch the Cirque du Soleil recently, it was amazing.”

三级成人视频The couple went on to visit Tig Coili, a family-owned pub in the city centre, where they met local Galwegians who volunteer to promote the city and its people and were treated to a traditional Irish music session.

三级成人视频The Duke was forced to offer a joking apology to his wife as the conversation kept returning to football.

The couple were given a bottle of Midleton whiskey from Cork and two engraved tumblers by pub owner Colie O’Flaherty and his son Aonghus.

Noticing that the label described it as “very rare” - and tactfully overlooking the fact that the whiskey was spelled differently to his wife’s maiden name - the Duke turned to his wife and joked: “Very rare! One in a million.”