The best men's waterproof jackets

Men's waterproof jackets 
The best waterproofs to keep you dry this winter
– and because the rainfall , you never know when you might get caught. Now that's autumn, it's essential to bring a raincoat whenever you leave the house.  

As a kid, you may have obdurately refused to wear that oversized and brightly coloured mac your parents enforced upon you. But now, a little bit older and a little bit wise wiser, you know better. A raincoat is simply the best way to stay dry (save, perhaps, for an umbrella). 

There are many types out there, including traditional macs, stylish overcoats, sporty shells, Scandi-style rubberised workwear style coats, and hardcore mountaineering jackets. You'll find polyester numbers, Gore-tex linings, rubber and even wax coatings (the classic Barbour jacket, for example). So, which should you buy? Of course, there's an element of taste involved here – but when it comes to searching for the best raincoat for you, two elements are essential: you don't sweat too much, turning the inside of the coat into your own small cloud; and the rain stays off.