A red brick mansion with outbuildings and plenty of grounds
This house in Berkshire has its own therapy room. It is for sale for £7.25m with Knight Frank

三级成人视频A new item has been added to the wish list of ultra-wealthy homeowners: their own private hospital. Now that people have become wary of visiting surgeries and private hospitals have been given over to support the NHS, the super-rich are going to new lengths to ensure they can get the care they want. 

Mark Lawson of The Buying Solution, a buying agent, said: “One of our more elderly and cautious clients has recently employed two full-time, fully qualified private nurses to care for her at home – so if one falls ill there will be trusted back up."

Her revised property search now includes bedrooms and private quarters for each nurse. 

三级成人视频The trend of having personal medical facilities within a private estate has been developing for some time among the ultra-rich, according to Alexandra Nord, co-founder of architecture firm Millier, but has been turbocharged by the coronavirus pandemic. 

三级成人视频“More than ever they’re looking to create compounds where they can group together as families, hunker down and have all the amenities they need,” she said. 

Buyers at Magna Carta Park will have access to private health suite and beauty salon 

During lockdown she received a request for a convalescent suite to be built within the grounds of a client’s home. “It’s a very large country estate with some stables which we’re turning into a medical facility,” Nord said. 

三级成人视频The suite will have a space for doctor’s appointments, a bedroom, living area and kitchen so that a person would be able to self-isolate for coronavirus, or any other infectious diseases, in comfort. 

“Luxury is key in these kinds of facilities. There’s an increasing demand for them to cater to every aspect of a wealthy person’s health and wellness needs and will often include a therapy space, massage room, hair salon and somewhere for aesthetic procedures like facial enhancements,” she added. 

These clients are used to frequenting the best doctors on Harley Street and the most luxurious spas and salons London can offer, so the quality of their at-home facilities must match. “You can easily spend hundreds of thousands on a convalescent suite. Lighting is hugely important, as is a feeling of being surrounded by nature and comfortable seating for both the client and the therapist,” Nord said.  

For wealthy people already travelling with huge entourages, adding a private doctor to the mix is a very natural jump, added Lawson. “You see it in particular with families from the Middle East: everywhere they go they’ll bring their chef, personal assistant, security team, and so on. I imagine more often now that will include healthcare staff too.”

One of Elicyon's designs, which hides air filtration systems within cornicing and decorative features

三级成人视频British country estates are particularly well adapted to cope with expanding retinues. “If you’re spending £10m or more you’d expect it to come with large grounds and a few small cottages that could easily be converted into extra accommodation," Lawson said.

Aside from private hospitals and salons, coronavirus has created a whole host of new essentials for some high-end homeowners. Charu Gandhi, founder of luxury design agency Elicyon, is now being asked to incorporate air purifiers and humidifiers into many of her highest value projects to remove stagnant particles that may contain coronavirus. 

三级成人视频“These are not unsightly elements in the beautiful spaces we design, but rather discrete ventilation slots that are hidden within the joinery or a cornice detail and connect to condenser units that are not visible,” Gandhi said. She also ensures any noise is insulated by walls, acoustic materials and special glazing. 

One of her clients has even requested self-sanitising wardrobes to be installed in their home. “Lema, the wardrobe maker, has an air cleaning system that minimises the threat of viruses but also cleans the garments of odours, bacteria and air pollution."

三级成人视频Rather than having to redesign a current property, soon there may be a new generation of homes with private medical facilities as standard. Whole developments are now selling themselves on the fact they can provide 24-hour care.

Magna Carta Park will have therapy rooms and doctors on call 24 hours a day 

Buyers at Magna Carta Park, a new private estate in Surrey, have private doctors on call and can get treatments from holiday vaccinations to hormone tracking and suction therapy without having to leave the grounds. Prices range from £1.3m for a one-bedroom apartment to £4.75m for a five-bedroom house. 

三级成人视频Other housebuilders are focusing on infection-prevention. A new development in Mayfair, styling itself as the first to be "Covid compliant", will have contactless lifts and voice-activated systems to allow owners to access apartments without having to touch any surface. Materials that kill Covid-19 particles will be used throughout the properties at 82 Mount Street. 

三级成人视频Integrating care facilities into new communities could also help to solve Britain’s downsizing problem. With suitable retirement accommodation on offer, older people may be more tempted to sell up their large homes and move elsewhere. 

三级成人视频Eugene Marchese, co-founder of Guild Living, which builds retirement homes, says that on-site medical care is key to his communities. “The Covid-19 crisis has woken everyone up to what happens when we ignore the question of how we want our parents to live. Tailored care and a genuine sense of hospitality can prevent health issues worsening and ensure everyone gets the very most out of life.”

Guild Living has plans for three sites in Bath, Epsom and Walton-on-Thames that will provide homes for those living independently and for those needing care, all of which will have access to health and wellness facilities.  

Even better, prices will be set so that the majority of homeowners over the age of 65 in the local area will be able to afford a property – so you won’t have to be a millionaire to benefit from at-home hospital care. 

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