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Rishi Sunak is preparing to unveil a package of measures for workers
Rishi Sunak is preparing to unveil a package of measures for workers Credit: Matt Dunham/PA

The Chancellor should spend £22 billion to help workers who face unemployment due to the coronavirus crisis三级成人视频, an influential thinktank has said.

三级成人视频As Rishi Sunak prepared to unveil a package of measures for workers, the Resolution Foundation issued a blueprint for actions he should take and called for Mr Sunak to "significantly step up the scale of support for affected workers".

The report said the Government should fund businesses to put staff they did not need on paid leave with two-thirds of their normal salary for six months rather than making them redundant. This would cost £8 billion if applied to a million workers.

三级成人视频The thinktank also suggested introducing "statutory retention pay" of £151 a week for workers who are temporarily not needed, modelled on statutory maternity pay.

三级成人视频The scheme would be designed to "support struggling firms and prevent mass job losses among the five million employees in sectors critically affected by the coronavirus shutdown".

Unemployment benefits should also rise to £100 a week, from £74, by increasing the Jobseeker's Allowance, Employment Support Allowance and the standard rate of Universal Credit, the Resolution Foundation said.

The thinktank argued that the pace and scale of the economic shock will very quickly lead to mass job losses unless "urgent action" is taken.

Its report said the Government's advice to stay at home and avoid social interactions will have a "critical impact on sectors such as retail, hotels and restaurants, airlines, travel operators, cleaners and personal service workers. Together, these sectors account for around a fifth of the workforce".

三级成人视频It pointed out that working from home is less viable in many of these jobs compared to higher-paid ones.

三级成人视频It came as MPs called for urgent action from the government to support workers.

The Conservative MP Sir Bernard Jenkin said the package of economic measures unveiled by the Chancellor is "simply not going to be enough" and that when Tory "diehards" are "lining up for far more radical measures than the Government has announced, then the Government must take note".

Torsten Bell, the chief executive of the Resolution Foundation, said: "The Chancellor has said that he will do 'whatever it takes' to support the country through the coronavirus-induced economic shock.

三级成人视频"That commitment now needs to be extended to the millions of workers and their families whose livelihoods and living standards are affected by the shutdown.

三级成人视频"In order to avoid mass redundancies in affected sectors, new Statutory Retention Pay would allow firms to put workers on paid leave, with the state paying them at least two-thirds of their wages during the shutdown. This will ensure they can pick things up quickly when conditions improve.

三级成人视频"But the scale of the economic shock facing the country means that many families are going to rely on our social security safety net over the coming months – a safety net that has shrunk considerably over the past decade. 

三级成人视频"To address this, the government should increase unemployment support by a third to £100 a week."