Students outside the Department for Education 
Students outside the Department for Education in Westminster take part in a protest at the Government's handling of A-level results  Credit: Victoria Jones /PA

三级成人视频SIR – Having battled with epilepsy and the terrible side-effects of the medication for several years, my granddaughter fought hard during her education and, based on school performance and conditional upon A-level results, had been accepted to study at the University of York with the aim of becoming a barrister.

However, the Government had other ideas. Having been given grades of AAB by her teachers, the school moderators downgraded this to BBB. Then came Ofqual, which downgraded her further to BCC. Yet Boris Johnson claims this is “a robust set of grades”.

Yes, my granddaughter could revert to her mock results, though they reflect her battle with epilepsy; yes, she could sit the exams again, but she has not had any education since March. Yes, she will now appeal, but who knows what the outcome will be?

This has an impact on the rest of her life. What would ministers think if it were their children?

Jacqueline Daniel

SIR – My granddaughter had a provisional place at a medical school, and has worked very hard towards achieving the required grades, while also volunteering as a healthcare assistant in her spare time. She received excellent grades at GCSE and her predicted grades based on the mock exams should have seen her achieve her goals.

However, her predicted B for Physics was downgraded to a U, thus wrecking her chances of taking up her place. This has been done purely on the basis of the algorithm, without any reference to her work. My granddaughter and her family are distraught. Her school will appeal and she could resit, but like all students she has had no teacher contact for months, and there is none on offer for resits – so she would have just a few weeks to prepare, totally unsupported.

The system has failed三级成人视频 my granddaughter and many others. It is a disgrace.

Pamela Woffindin
Ilkley, West Yorkshire

三级成人视频SIR – In a research project looking at students who test normally on IQ tests but do badly at school, I found a high correlation between teacher grades and exam results. Generally teachers want to be honest about students in order to assist them to make decisions about the future.

I know two students in different schools predicted to get As, with one awarded A*s and the other Bs. The latter is definitely an A student – and I speak as a teacher and examiner of both GCSE and A-levels, and latterly a university professor.

三级成人视频The current set-up favours the system, not the student, relying on algorithms that do not take individuals into consideration. Mock examinations are marked to encourage students to keep working hard to make their predicted grade, and so are not a reliable measure. In this difficult year for students, it would be wise to take account of teachers’ predicted grades and not to insult them.

Professor Rosemary Sage
West Haddon, Northamptonshire

Costly quarantine

SIR – The decision to reintroduce quarantine三级成人视频 for travellers from France (report, August 14) will create yet more economic misery for the country for arguably negligible health benefits, and highlights the inadequacies of the current quarantine scheme.

三级成人视频Britain seems to have a rigid limit of a cumulative 20 cases per 100,000 people over 14 days, beyond which a country would be considered a candidate for quarantine. We also know that the infection-rate figures are very imprecise and relate to the volume of testing.

Surely what is required is a more nuanced approach, with restrictions imposed as a last resort, on a regional basis, in areas where the infection rate far outstrips the nationwide rate. This should be coupled with a more sustainable approach to travel and the introduction of testing for arrivals from higher-risk destinations.

Neil Cottrell
三级成人视频 Maidenhead, Berkshire


The forgotten fleet

SIR – Today is the 75th anniversary of VJ Day三级成人视频. Although there is no mention in the RAF’s online timeline of the Far East and Pacific war, the RAF’s website states elsewhere that a “key contributor to the eventual Allied victory in the Far East war was the use of air power”.

三级成人视频On land, the war in south-east Asia was hard-fought against the odds, with the Army supported by RAF aircraft. However, across the whole Far East, it is disingenuous not to acknowledge that the decisive elements in the defeat of Japan were the US Navy’s carrier-based aircraft, and the amphibious assaults by US Marines, that enabled island-hopping across the mid- and south Pacific. These sea-based capabilities, in turn, enabled the complementary contribution made by the US Army Air Forces from island airfields, especially the strategic bombing, minelaying and atomic-bomb deliveries that helped bring Japan to its knees.

Only after the Battle of the Atlantic had been won and victory in Europe enabled by the Normandy landings – the biggest amphibious operation in history – could a Royal Navy carrier force and merchant fleet train, the British Pacific Fleet, be sent to fight alongside the Americans. The fleet’s air-arm attack on the Palembang oil refineries was a notable contribution.

三级成人视频Consequently, when the Red Arrows fly today, we hope Britons will remember the many soldiers, sailors and marines  – especially the British “Forgotten Army” of south-east Asia and the similarly “forgotten” British Pacific Fleet – who fought for victory.

Rear Admiral Jeremy Larken
Rear Admiral Terry Loughran
Rear Admiral Bob Love
Rear Admiral Chris Parry
Major General Julian Thompson
Commodore Michael Clapp
Captain Malcolm Farrow
Captain Peter Hore
Lieutenant Colonel Ewen Southby-Tailyour
Commander Sue Eagles
Commander Graham Edmonds
Commander Mike Evans
Commander Paul Fisher
Commander David Hobbs
Commander Sharkey Ward
Commander Anthony Wells
Lieutenant Colonel Ian Berchem
Lieutenant Commander Lester May
Richard Shuttleworth


Let down by 111

三级成人视频SIR – Last Saturday my mother developed an infection in her foot. As a GP, I am well aware that such infections can spread rapidly. I advised my father to ring 111, expecting that a prescription could be sent to the pharmacy 200 yards from his house.

Instead the first call was followed several hours later by a further call offering her an appointment at an urgent-care centre many miles away. This was based at Royal Preston Hospital, which has been at the centre of a lockdown in a bid to halt the spread of Covid-19.

My father, who is in his late 80s, dutifully drove my mother to her appointment, where they had to wait for several hours – my mother, who has dementia, conversing with all and sundry. Eventually they were seen and my father was then left to drive home in the dark, arriving back after midnight. They were not actually given the antibiotic needed but a prescription requiring them to travel out again on Sunday to find a pharmacy.

Having advised my parents for months of the importance of staying at home and protecting the NHS, it has managed to mess them around and to put them both at unnecessary risk. We should expect better.

Dr John Ashcroft
三级成人视频 Preston, Lancashire


Sorry, we’re full

SIR – Recently my wife and I decided to venture out, hoping to have lunch and take advantage of Rishi Sunak’s “Eat Out to Help Out”三级成人视频 discount scheme.

We do not drive, so planned to go on the bus. When the bus arrived the driver did not open the doors, but we could see that he was counting the passengers; he then opened the doors and said that he would only take one of us. The bus looked less than half full.

三级成人视频If the Government wishes to give people the confidence to resume their lives, it is going about it very badly.

Patrick Hargreaves


Enough to put older people off moving house

SIR – While I agree with the sentiments of the Conservative MP Damian Green (Comment, August 10), the reality of selling a retirement home acts as a real disincentive against moving into one.

三级成人视频After 11 months on the market, my mother-in-law’s one-bedroom flat is selling for £55,000 less than the price for which it was bought. Among the restrictive covenants is one that requires us to redecorate the inside before the new owner takes possession. The service charge (over £1,000 a year) and ground rent (£650 a year) are still paid – and in some cases a proportion of the final selling price is charged by the landlord.

Claire Darby
Folkestone, Kent

SIR – We have always been deterred from moving into a retirement home by the fact that, when we died, our children would be saddled with the heavy ongoing management fees while it remained unsold, with the management company firmly in control of the sale process.

Rather than pushing for yet more homes in this rigged market, Mr Green would do better to campaign for legislation banning management fees for properties left empty by death and granting inheritors control over the sale.

David Cockerham
三级成人视频 Bearsted, Kent

SIR – It has long been recognised that there is a shortage of smaller properties suitable for older people.

What needs addressing is that the whole business operates in a swamp where housing developers, lawyers, estate agents, removal firms and house clearance specialists seek to maximise their take of any money accrued.

三级成人视频I believe that many older people would welcome a scheme that acts on their behalf to insulate them from this.

David Donati
三级成人视频 Crickhowell, Breconshire


三级成人视频SIR – Three things need to be kept in mind: the location and size of accommodation, and its ongoing costs.

三级成人视频How many developments are in a town within walking distance of essential facilities? Nobody who has been used to reasonable-sized rooms wants to move to a glorified rabbit hutch, and not everyone has the kind of annual income to afford a rising service charge.

Elizabeth Prior
London SW10


The evergreen love for England’s patron saint

St George amid oak trees in a window of St John the Baptist church in Henley-in-Arden Credit: Alamy

SIR – Chris Nancollas (Letters, August 11) ought to know that what he refers to as “the English flag” is actually the cross of St George.

三级成人视频As for St George’s Day going by “without fanfare”, I am reliably informed by several florists (including two in the City of London) that the only day in the year when more roses are sold is St Valentine’s Day. Being Welsh, I sport a daffodil on March 1 in honour of St David – despite being born and educated in England. Perhaps it is the English soft spot for the underdog that is ingrained.

Jeremy M  J Havard
三级成人视频 Chichester, West Sussex


Smoking out the truth

SIR  – As popular as Sherlock Holmes is (Letters, August 12), I am drawn to another fictional detective: Georges Simenon’s Maigret.

Rowan Atkinson played him recently, and although the atmosphere of the series was spot on, his portrayal wasn’t the best. Rupert Davies in the Sixties series was more authentic.

I read Jules Maigret as a calm, imposing character who didn’t so much detect murders as explore the psychology of the suspects and victims in a sympathetic way. A few puffs on his pipe, a good meal cooked by his devoted wife, and he’d worked it out.

Denise Hilton
Guildford, Surrey


Call of the wild

三级成人视频SIR – As an 11-year-old schoolboy growing up in a remote rural part of Edinburgh, I took up the bagpipes.

When it came to evening music practice (Letters, August 13), my very dear mother encouraged me to step out of the back door and take myself hundreds of yards across the moor, where dwelled rabbits, woodcock, owls, foxes, badgers, and doubtless far worse. She knew that I would come to no harm – so long as I practised.

Angus I Milne
London SW15


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