World Athletics chief Lord Coe was speaking amid growing calls to either postpone or cancel the Games
Lord Coe was speaking amid growing calls to either postpone or cancel the Games

Lord Coe has responded to calls to postpone the 2020 Olympics by insisting there is no need to make a “precipitous” decision four months out from the Games and that it would be possible to reschedule for later this year.

三级成人视频Calls have been growing for Tokyo 2020 organisers and the International Olympic Committee to postpone the Games or even cancel them completely. 

Sir Matthew Pinsent, Britain’s four-time Olympic champion rower, on Wednesday accused Thomas Bach, the IOC chief, of being “tone deaf” in his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

三级成人视频“The instinct to keep safe (not to mention obey government instructions to lock down) is not compatible with athlete training, travel and focus that a looming Olympics demands of athletes, spectators organisers etc” Pinsent wrote on Twitter following the IOC’s insistence that the Games could go ahead. “Keep them safe. Call it off.”

Speaking on Thursday's edition of  Today on BBC Radio 4, Coe, who was chair of the London 2012 organising committee and is now president of World Athletics, said: “Let's not make a precipitous decision when we don't have to four months out.

"Events are changing by the hour but it is not a decision that has to be made at the moment.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch was lit in Athens on Thursday behind closed doors but consensus is growing that they cannot proceed according to schedule, if at all Credit: ARIS MESSINIS/POOL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

"We're trying to manage the situation with the information we have but there is not a great deal of information.

"The temperature in the room with the IOC is, nobody is saying we're going to the Games come what may.”

三级成人视频Asked whether it would be possible to postpone the Games until later in the year, Coe added: “If you had to ease that date, you'd have to ease it. It is possible. Anything is possible.”

However, he said the possibility of delaying the Games by a year would be harder, certainly for his sport of athletics. 

"It seems on the surface an easy proposition but athletics has its worlds on that date, the Euros in football have been moved back a year,” he said.

"The sporting calendar is a complicated matrix and it is not easy to move from one year to the next. It would be ridiculous to say anything is ruled out at the moment. The whole world wants clarity; we're no different from any other sector.

"We've postponed three Diamond League meetings but not all, because we don't have to make that decision. Everybody accepts this is a fast-moving environment. I need to be careful I'm not removing the earning potential from athletes any more than I need to at this moment.”

Some athletes have questioned the current state of play, with the IOC urging athletes to continue training wherever possible, but many countries in complete lockdown. 

三级成人视频Olympic pole vault champion Katerina Stefanidi of Greece has accused the IOC of leaving athletes "at risk” by refusing to call the Games off, while Britain’s world heptathlon champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson said the IOC's proposal was not compatible with the reality for athletes. 

三级成人视频One athlete who is hoping the Games go ahead is sailor Eilidh McIntyre who partners Olympic champion Hannah Mills in the 470 Class. Their world championships in Majorca were abruptly postponed last Friday, prompting a mad scramble to make it home with their boat and equipment.

“All we can do is go with what people are saying, which is training hard and assuming the Olympics will go ahead,” McIntyre told BBC Radio Solent. “It’s a crazy time for everyone, but we have to keep pushing towards this dream right the way until the end.”