Dorothy Maclean 
Dorothy Maclean: made contact with vegetable spirits called devas Credit:  Aurora Imaging

三级成人视频Dorothy Maclean, who has died aged 100, was a co-founder, with Eileen and Peter Caddy, of the “New Age” Findhorn foundation spiritual community in Scotland.

Her relationship with the Caddys had its roots in her friendship with Sheena Govan, the daughter of a celebrated Scottish evangelist, whom she had met in the 1940s when they were both working in New York – Dorothy as a secretary with the covert wartime British Security Co-ordination Service (BSC), part of MI6. In 1948, Sheena, by now living in London, would become the second wife of Peter Caddy, an officer with the Catering Branch of the RAF.

In 1941 Dorothy had married John Wood, a BSC officer who introduced her to Sufism and the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. Later in the war they too moved to London, where Dorothy resumed her friendship with Sheena. Dorothy’s marriage was dissolved in 1951.

三级成人视频Meanwhile, Sheena, who claimed to be a “sensitive”, had established a spiritual group, which held meetings in her Pimlico flat, and of which Dorothy became a member. “She’d know what stood between you and your divinity, what you put before the divine,” Dorothy recalled. In 1954 Dorothy had her first experience of “the God within”, which she called a “vast unity”.

Sheena’s behaviour became increasingly bizarre, however, and dictatorial. As well as ordering Dorothy to clean her rooms for her, she informed her husband that she had received a spirit message telling her that she was no longer his “other half”. Soon Peter Caddy began a relationship with Eileen Combe, the wife of a fellow RAF officer, who subsequently left her husband and five children and moved in with Peter and Sheena.

Wisdoms (1975) was an account of some of Dorothy Maclean's early spiritual experiences

When Eileen became pregnant, however, Sheena announced that she had seen the child on “inner planes” and that she felt it was the child she should have had. When the child – a boy – was born in 1955, Sheena instructed Eileen and Peter to give her the baby. Peter she exiled to Ireland, while Eileen was sent off to live with Dorothy Maclean.

Eventually, against Sheena’s wishes, Peter, Eileen and their son were reunited and subsequently, after Eileen gave birth to another baby, they and Sheena moved to a primitive cottage on the island of Mull while Peter found work in Glasgow as a Kleen Eze brush salesman. Before long Sheena left the island – and her husband – for good.

In 1957 Peter (by now married to Eileen) found a job as manager of the Cluny Hill Hotel at Forres, near Inverness, where Dorothy Maclean joined them as the hotel’s secretary and receptionist. There, Eileen took guidance from an “inner voice” and established contact with a mother ship from Venus.

But when Peter cleared the trees round the hotel to create a landing site for the spacecraft, the hotel’s owner dispatched the Caddys and Dorothy to a smaller establishment in the Trossachs, then let them go.

In November 1962, under instruction from Eileen’s inner voice, Peter, Eileen, their three children and Dorothy moved into a cramped caravan at Findhorn Bay Caravan Park on the coast of the Moray Firth where, for a time, they subsisted on welfare.

They decided to grow their own vegetables on the surrounding land, and while Eileen Caddy received daily messages from God in a nearby public lavatory, Dorothy discovered that she was able to make contact with vegetable spirits called devas.

Her concern for the environment was inspired by the words of the Cypress tree deva: 'We are the skin of this world; take us away and the complete planet, no longer able to function, dries up and dies'

The deva of the garden pea promised help, though it instructed them not to be too hard on the slugs. More practical assistance was provided by a local farmer who invited them to help themselves to his horse manure.

三级成人视频Soon there were stories of 40lb cabbages, broccoli so large it could barely be lifted, and winter-flowering roses. The gardens began to attract people to visit Findhorn to find out how it was done .

三级成人视频During the late 1960s the focus of Eileen and Dorothy’s spiritual guidance gradually changed from cultivating vegetables to “growing people”, and a community of like-minded people was born. In 1970 a young American named David Spangler arrived and helped to establish a “university of light” where visitors attended such courses as “Dancing Spirit Free” and “Developing the Skill of Intuitive Self-Diagnosis”.

Over the next 20 years the community grew to include approximately 300 members and attracted such celebrities as Burt Lancaster, Hayley Mills and Shirley Maclaine.

三级成人视频The Findhorn Foundation was legally formed as a trust and a charity and the land on which the caravan park stood was purchased. In 1975 they would buy the Cluny Hill Hotel, which then became the Foundation’s College.

By then, however, the founders had begun to go their separate ways.

In 1971 Eileen, guided by her inner voice, came to believe that children would no longer be conceived through sex but through the power of enlightened thought and spirit. In consequence, Peter began to seek comfort elsewhere and in 1979, as he recalled later, “I called together the community and said it was time for me to leave and, incidentally, that I was leaving Eileen.”

三级成人视频Meanwhile in 1973 Dorothy Maclean had returned, with David Spangler and other Findhorn community members, to the United States where she was subsequently involved with Spangler in the founding of the Lorian Association, a spiritual education community based initially in Wisconsin and later in Issaquah, Washington.

Dorothy Maclean collected her messages from devas and angels in several books

Dorothy Maclean collected her messages from devas and angels in several books and travelled the world helping others to contact their “divinity within” and connect with the intelligence of nature. She developed a concern for the environment, inspired by the words of the Cypress tree deva: “We are the skin of this world; take us away and the complete planet, no longer able to function, dries up and dies.”

Dorothy Maclean was born on January 7 1920 at Guelph, Ontario, Canada, into a middle class family. From a sunny, nature-loving child, she became an awkward and unhappy adolescent, a transition she likened to a fall from Eden.

After taking a degree in Business at the University of Western Ontario, where she played badminton, aged 20 she became a secretary at the BSC in New York, later transferring to the organisation’s Panama office. Later on, in London, she worked at the Counter-Espionage Section of British Intelligence during the Blitz.

三级成人视频Dorothy Maclean moved back to the Findhorn community in 2009, retiring from public life the following year. Her books include Wisdoms (1970); To Hear the Angels Sing (1980); To Honor the Earth (1991); Choices of Love (1998); Seeds of Inspiration (2004); Call of the Trees (2006); Come Closer (2007) and Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic (2010).

Dorothy Maclean, born January 7 1920, died March 12 2020