Indian army sources said images of the alleged weapons were genuine
Indian army sources said images of the alleged weapons were genuine Credit: @ajaishukla

A photograph appearing to show a nail-studded rod allegedly used by Chinese soldiers to beat to death their Indian counterparts in a border clash has prompted nationwide outrage and calls to arm soldiers along the Line of Actual Control.

The weapons were allegedly used against unarmed Indian soldiers who New Delhi claims were ambushed while carrying out a patrol in the Galwan Valley, Ladakh. Chinese forces, who India said had promised to withdraw from the region, killed 23 troops and left some at “the point of mutilation”, Indian Army sources told Outlook India.

Doctors carrying out post-mortem examinations on Indian soldiers told The Telegraph that many of their injuries were consistent with blunt weapons and those embedded with nails or barbed wire.

三级成人视频“[A Colonel] died by drowning and he had no injury marks but the other dead were hit by stones and blows on the chest,” a doctor said. “Some of them had bad bruises and the situation is very tense. We are receiving bodies in batches of three to conduct post-mortems”.

三级成人视频While Chinese and Indian troops have intermittently engaged in fist-fighting along the LAC in recent years, there have been no casualties as there was an understanding that weapons are not used.

三级成人视频“Such barbarism must be condemned. This is thuggery, not soldiering,” wrote Ajai Shukla, a defence journalist at Business Standard India, who shared the photo of the nail-studded rod.

三级成人视频“We should change rules of engagement for close combat. Soldiers should be allowed to use firearms. A weapon is a weapon,” wrote a politician from the Aam Aadmi Party.

三级成人视频India and China have been facing-off for over a month in Ladakh after Chinese troops crossed the Line of Actual Control on May 5 and 6 to occupy 60 square kilometres of territory administered by India at four locations - Pangong Tso Lake, Galwan River and Valley, Hot Springs and Demchok.

三级成人视频China said India had crossed the border twice, "provoking and attacking Chinese personnel, resulting in serious physical confrontation between border forces on the two sides", the AFP news agency reported.