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Telegraph wins Website of the Year at British Press Awards - one of 11 accolades
Telegraph wins Website of the Year at British Press Awards - one of 11 accolades三级成人视频 has won Website of the Year at the British Press Awards, one of 11 accolades – more than any other newspaper.

三级成人视频The Telegraph also won Investigation of the Year, Scoop of the Year and Front Page of the Year for exposing allegations of sexual and racial harassment against Sir Philip Green in a series lifting a lid on the British #MeToo scandal.

Chris Evans, the editor of The Telegraph, said: "These awards are testament to the talent and commitment of the team at The Telegraph.

"From our relaunched website to new editorial launches, investigations and the tireless and outstanding work of our journalists and columnists, it is an honour for our team to be recognised across so many categories in this way. 

"Recent weeks have shown the vital role our journalism plays serving and reaching our subscribers at the most difficult of times, wherever they are."

三级成人视频The other prizes The Telegraph picked up at the awards – announced online because of the coronavirus crisis – were the Reporting Diversity Award, Supplement of the Year, News Reporter of the Year, Cartoonist of the Year, Fashion Journalist of the Year, Journalists' Charity Award and the Chairman Award.

News Website of the Year

三级成人视频The Telegraph was the first major newspaper in Europe to launch a website, in 1994. Twenty-five years on, the site was given a facelift with a major relaunch and a new homepage.

And what a year to relaunch. It coincided with a seismic news agenda towards the back end of 2019 – from a general election to the Rugby World Cup, from the Duke of York controversy to the turbulence of Brexit.

The Society of Editors said: "This year the first newspaper website to launch in Europe led the way with a cracking relaunch to mark its 25th anniversary. 

三级成人视频"Judges praised the authoritative and inventive coverage as a hard combination to beat – and it delivered on subjects dear to its readers' hearts through its most innovative of interfaces."

Highlights included The Disk, a documentary and series of data interactives detailing how the newspaper broke the MPs expenses scandal a decade ago; an unrivalled selection of dozens of world-class newsletters; brilliant coverage across a range of platforms from WhatsApp to Snapchat; and the launch of several new channels, including Telegraph Women's Sport, Education & Careers, Cookbook, 1000 Dream Trips, and the Global Health Security channel – before coronavirus even existed.

Front Page of the Year

The Telegraph's exclusive investigation into Sir Philip Green三级成人视频 impressed the judges, and this front page secured the win. 

The Society of Editors said: "The judges said that the winning front page was worth the wait. 

"Combining the full width of the broadsheet with a neat creative solution to project its splash, it succeeded in achieving maximum impact. 

"The image of Sir Philip Green superimposed over the silhouette of a victim was a powerful image."

Investigation of the Year

For the same series of work, The Telegraph was awarded Investigation of the Year. 

三级成人视频The Society of Editors said: "The judges described it as a brave investigation into a powerful man, the consequences of which were far-reaching and agenda-setting.

三级成人视频"The fact that a Parliamentary inquiry into the use of NDAs was launched in the wake of the allegations and the Government condemned the 'unacceptable' use of legal contracts to cover up wrongdoing meant that what started out as an investigation into one powerful and abusive man had far-reaching consequences for many ordinary women.

三级成人视频"A shining example of public interest journalism."

Scoop of the Year

And The Telegraph's long investigation into Sir Philip Green三级成人视频 landed in a third category – Scoop of the Year. 

三级成人视频The Society of Editors said: "This entry was a shining example of brave, tenacious journalism which overcame concerted legal attempts to cover up the shocking behaviour of one of Britain's business titans."

News Reporter of the Year

Claire Newell, The Telegraph's Investigations Editor, led the team covering the Sir Philip Green scandal. Her tireless work gained the attention of the judges, who named her News Reporter of the Year.

The judges said: "On her main piece of work, the judges said that it was undoubtedly one of the biggest stories of 2019.

"Not only did it shine a light on the issue of NDAs being used to cover up unacceptable behaviour, it exposed wrongdoing by a powerful individual despite his best and lengthy attempts to thwart publication."

Supplement of the Year

In 2019, The Telegraph broke new ground with its women's sports coverage

The Press Awards judges agreed. They said: "The winner tackles the imbalance of sports coverage with finesse, breadth and impressive journalism.

"The features are well-written, wide-ranging, and tackle issues that might otherwise go uncovered. Those featured in the supplement are diverse in every sense of the word, from all different types of sport, and from different racial, social, and religious backgrounds.

"A refreshing read, regardless of gender, the judges thought that it should be more than a monthly supplement."

Reporting Diversity Award

三级成人视频The Telegraph's women's sport supplement impressed so much that it bagged a second award, the Reporting Diversity Award.

Described by judges as a "game-changer" in its field, they said: "This is an entry that is really making a difference to the types of stories commissioned for mainstream publications, tackling big issues that affect women of all backgrounds in sport, from dealing with motherhood as an athlete to endometriosis."

Fashion Journalist of the Year

Lisa Armstrong三级成人视频's wide-ranging pieces from the world of fashion not only saw her pick up the award for Fashion Journalist of the Year, but also led one of the judges to describe her as the "Queen" of the industry.

The Society of Editors said: "The winner was praised for her ability to spark inspiration in a range of forms: from interviews to her ever-authoritative and entertaining columns."

Cartoonist of the Year

Well, was it ever in doubt?

Matt doesn't have an off day三级成人视频 – and the judges agreed. 

The judges said 2019 "provided fertile ground in which his comic genius could flourish. His Lowry cartoon was simply superb".

Journalists' Charity Special Award

The Journalists’ Charity Special Award, given this year to Telegraph columnist Bryony Gordon, celebrates outstanding commitment and contribution to journalism.

Founded more than 150 years ago to help journalists struggling in tough times, the Journalists’ Charity now supports more individuals than ever through stress, anxiety and a range of other conditions related to mental health – one of the biggest issues of our time.

三级成人视频The judges said: "This year's winner is a journalist who has opened up about her own deeply personal journey through mental illness, sharing insights into her battles with addiction, OCD and depression through her columns, podcasts and books.

"Our winner has worked to champion a new culture of openness; raising awareness, challenging stereotypes, and showing that mental illness knows no boundaries – that even royalty is not immune.

三级成人视频"Our winner is the founder of a nationwide mental health support group, she is the runner of marathons in her underwear."

Chairman's Award

In March last year, The Telegraph Magazine heralded the introduction of a weekly column that was truly trailblazing: the charting of a then 60-year-old man's life-changing decision to become a woman.

The judges said: "Diana Thomas has shared, in painstakingly honest and thought-provoking detail, the tentative steps of a journey; from the process of telling friends and family, to the ups and downs of hormone replacement therapy.

"During the divisive trans debate last year, Diana has given a distinctly human side to this story, and it has struck a real chord with many readers.

"A year later, Diana has begun the second phase of the transition and is now living her life as a woman. We wish her the very best and sincerely look forward to hearing her continue to share this humbling journey with us." 

  • Sarah Knapton, Laura Donnelly, Robert Mendick, Greg Dickinson, our Business & Finance team, and The Telegraph Magazine were all highly commended in their categories.