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NYC beauty devotees are used to 'tweakments' to get their beauty regime in prime condition, but can they do it from home? Credit: Getty Images 

三级成人视频While the super-rich and celebrities are helicoptering cosmetic doctors to out of the way lockdown spots in Montana, Maine and Upstate New York, beauty tweakment (non-surgical but non-DIY procedures with needles, radiofrequency, lasers and professional facialists) fans like myself must cope with the between-treatments-droop as best we can.

三级成人视频I usually get three manicures and two pedis, plus a regular facial and a peel or microdermabrasion each month in my home town of New York. This is all completely normal and kind of crucial to the professionally glamorous look Manhattan demands. 

I am also midway through a course of Kybella, facial fat-busting injections for my inherited jowls and double chin (thanks Dad). Such beautifying rituals and treatments are not necessary, of course, but when they form part of a routine, the effect of missing out becomes noticeable. My dear husband tells me only I can see such effects - but he would, wouldn’t he?

三级成人视频Whilst DIY botox or inject-your-own dermal fillers sound like terrifying concepts (I came across both while researching how to manage my beauty routines during lockdown) I’ve discovered that other at-home treatments can be super-effective. 

There is no safe, like-for-like DIY replacement for Botox or fillers though. I would never let anyone other than a fully trained M.D venture near the potentially blinding or paralyzing arteries and nerves in my face. 

, a mid-range department store in the US is currently carrying DIY fillers called Fillerina on its beauty counter website. Shouldn’t needles of any kind require clinical conditions? And, even though Fillerina has tiny, fine needles, I can only imagine the bloody mess in my bathroom were a packet to even be opened.   

Multiple monthly "tweakment" bookings are completely normal in glamorous Manhattan - that could be the other Credit: Hans Neleman/Getty Images 

No matter what you may be missing out on treatment wise right now, a fresh glowy complexion is hard to beat - and that’s something that can easily be achieved at home. 

三级成人视频A beauty-PR friend lured me into trying microdermabrasion with a blade to exfoliate my facial skin and peach fuzz (or vellus hair as it is medically known) last year. My skin was glowy and clean afterwards but the fuzz grew back a tiny bit more thickly. It was even prickly in places. 

三级成人视频However, depilatory creams have fixed that fuzz since, so I might be tempted to return to this for a quick glow-fix now that the bright, flaw-enhancing Spring sunlight is breaking through outside. A Japanese steel microdermabrasion razor, such as ’s dermaplaning tool, is best. Or you could even employ an electronic tool for the task - I hear the is foolproof. Alternatively, check out ’s version. Be warned, great care must be taken during use. 

Speaking of buzzy tools, my very favourite is , a pencil-shaped shaver with a mini torch at the end. Despite the trashy-looking presentation – apologies to the manufacturers - this thing is so efficient, it gives my whole eye area a wonderfully lifted look when all the stray hairs above and below-brows are removed. Instead of my bi-weekly city buzz, I use this every day on lockdown to feel shiny and fresh.

I reached out to , one of New York’s top dermatologists for some at-home care advice, too. His website is full of incredible gadgets and a trusted, classic NYC skincare line.

三级成人视频His team recommended Gross’s at-home LED mask (£430; ) for wrinkle refreshment and line reduction, as well as a steamer (£110; join the waitlist at ) to make my at-home routine feel more professional. Dr Gross also suggested a daily gentle at-home peel to achieve similar results to a once per month professional peel.  is a super gentle entry-level product if you are nervous about trying a peel at home.

Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro mask

三级成人视频My next non-surgical, in-clinic treatment was going to be Ultherapy with my dermatologist, . Ultherapy is a non-surgical lifting procedure using focused ultrasound energy. Jennifer Aniston loves it so much, she reportedly bought her own machine - this probably around $500k, which is how much a similar machine for internal vaginal treatments costs according to a doctor I know, who claims all these machines cost around the same amount.

In lieu of this option, I re-tried some other, more available DIY beauty tools already lying at the bottom of a drawer in my bathroom. Nu-Face Trinity (£315; ) is a home version of a CACI machine, which uses electrical stimulation to lift facial skin and muscle. 

It works really well around the midface, eyes and brow area if used according to the instructions and with the accompanying conducting gel. However, I found the plumping effect on what is left of my jowls post-Kybella looked puffy and saggy. 

A consultant friend of mine loves the lifting effect of Nu-Face and uses it between botox treatments if she has a special event coming up. After a Facetime on the topic this week, we both agreed the effects of Nu-Face are good but only last a day or two.

taught me the importance of incorporating facial massage every day (she was my facialist when she practised in New York, but she’s now based in Beverly Hills). Massaging each morning lifts both my skin and spirits, and I use very simple Bio Oil (£23; ) with the pink quartz gua sha tools I keep by my bed. There is a fantastic selection available online, even through Amazon, so shop around to find the one that works best for you. 

三级成人视频I also have jade versions dotted around the house, excellent for pressing on eyebags or temples in stressful or tired moments. sessions are the gold standard for facial massage for anyone seeking a personalised routine and are now happening online. This is something I will definitely be trying out for lifting and sculpting tips in the next few weeks. My goal is mastering their unique, inner cheek technique, too.

During this enforced time at home, adhering to personal beauty routines or finding new ways to perfect a home pedicure, for instance, lifts my mood and lessens my overall FOMO. One final tip: for a perfect pedi, separate your toes, paint your nails and add drying drops or topcoat. Shower later and all the messy edges will wash away.  

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