Partying with supermodels in the 1990s - and why Mick Jagger threw a strop at Ronnie Wood's 50th

Ronnie Wood
Ronnie Wood blowing out the candles at his 50th birthday party

If you're on the London party circuit, you'll know Dave Benett - one of the capital's top photographers who has been hired by stars such as Elton John to photograph their personal events. Here, he tells Luxury what it was like starting out in the 1990s, partying with supermodels and why Mick Jagger threw a strop at Ronnie Wood's 50th.

I’ve been to some really crazy parties. The Nineties was the most decadent time, when people really started to spend their money. People from all over the world would come to London just to party. 

三级成人视频Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell were always the two craziest party girls; they were the Brits and everyone else was more demure. They’d party with the Rolling Stones and Jack Nicholson. It was a tale of new found wealth that everyone seemed to have. 

Café de Paris on a Wednesday was the ultimate night, from Prince to Tina Turner and Bowie. Everyone would go there. Prince couldn’t even find a VIP area because everyone thought they were as cool as he was. He didn’t like photographers, so he asked for us to be moved. The owner said, "actually they’re here all the time so you either lump it or leave it." He stayed!

I remember the party at the Save the Rainforest Gala at Grosvenor house in 1992 was amazing. Gianni Versace dressed all the supermodels. All the rockstars would came because the girls were there and the girls would come because the rockstars were there. It all built up, each thing pushing the other. 

Carla Bruni at the Save the Rainforest Gala in 1992 Credit: Dave Benett/Getty

That night I hung around with Claudia Schiffer who was new then, and Carla Bruni and Naomi Campbell. Carla was going out with Eric Clapton at the time I took an amazing picture of Gianni with them both.

In 1997, Ronnie Wood invited me to his 50th birthday. It was cowboy-themed and I was right in there partying with them all at his house on Kingston Hill. For me that was when I was starting to really be accepted. 

Mick Jagger at Ronnie Wood's 50th birthday party Credit: Dave Benett/Getty

Ronnie looked great as a gunslinger. Kate was amazing in denim shorts, smoking. All of a sudden, Mick turns up and he’s in an Indian outfit. As soon as he saw us photographers he took the head dress off and started sulking. But Ronnie was like, “Hey man, they’re my mates.” He was a Rolling Stone now, after all. 

I went to Jerry and said, “What’s wrong? He doesn’t look like he’s having a good time.” She drawled, “I don’t think he likes his outfit. I chose it.” He’s sitting there at the table with a cowboy hat on now, but you could see he was still wearing that Indian outfit underneath.

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