Xmas gifts that are good for the mind and the body

Last minute health gift ideas
Last minute health gift ideas

Christmas can be hard work – especially if you have a chronic ailment or just feel under the weather. With that in mind, a new range of gift ideas with decided health properties are being offered this year. So, whether you are buying for an aunt with insomnia, a father with back pain or popping a little something inspirational in your own stocking, here are some suggestions from Dr Christmas, gifts that can make you feel good.

The condition: Anxiety

Dr Christmas prescribes: The Green Palmi Grained Leather Journal from Pen Heaven (£22)

The Green Ribbon Journal in support of The Mental Health Foundation 

Numerous studies have shown that writing a journal三级成人视频 can be a therapeutic strategy for anyone suffering from mild mental health conditions like anxiety. A study from North Carolina State University in 2001 found that something as simple as writing about a condition for 20 minutes could yield important effects in terms of physical health and mental health, but also in terms of cognitive abilities. Pen Heaven are donating 10 per cent of all sales of this journal to the Mental Health Foundation.

The condition: Cancer treatment

Dr Christmas prescribes: Littlielifts box hamper (£89)

Littlelifts gift boxes

When a friend or family member is going through cancer, it can be hard to know what to get them. But breast cancer charity Littlielifts has launched lovely comfort boxes for women undergoing chemotherapy. Each includes 25 items from a pain-easing heat pack and soothing lollies to luxury body lotion and luscious chocolates.

The condition: Respiratory issues

Dr Christmas prescribes: Puressentiel gift set (was £20, now £10)

Puressentiel gift set

Clean, fresh air can make all the difference to anyone who suffers chest infections or just has a head cold. A Scents of Purity gift set contains purifying air spray (75ml), a ceramic diffuser, eucalyptus organic essential oil (10ml) and a 100 per cent cotton pouch.

The condition: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Dr Christmas prescribes: LQ Digestive Care £29.99 (10 bottles)

LQ Digestive Care

IBSaffects around 10-20 per cent of people living in the UK at any one time, says the charity IBS Network. It contains bladder wrack – which is high in alginic acid, often added to antacids as it can help create a PH-neutral barrier in cases of acid reflux.

The condition: Poor circulation

Dr Christmas prescribes: Kymira Sport IR50 leggings £80

Kymira Sport IR50 leggings £80

These leggings use infrared technology which can promote blood circulation, increase levels of oxygen in the blood and promote cell growth. Keen runners 三级成人视频might appreciate the way this can help reduce lactic acid build-up – which otherwise makes muscles ache. But anyone who suffers poor circulation could get a boost from the way the infrared element opens up capillaries and improves blood flow.

The condition: General malaise

Dr Christmas prescribes: Subscription to Bioniq LIFE From £250

Bioniq dashboard

F三级成人视频or anyone feeling tired, below par or just wants to make a positive difference to their health, this personalised subscription service could be a great investment. Clients have blood tests and personal data analysed to help them make the most of their health. Packages include regular at-home blood tests and telephone consultations with a qualified nutritionist and a bespoke supplement made from up of 120 components including probiotics, vitamins, enzymes and micro-elements. Membership allows access to an online dashboard to see an archive of personal results, as well as continuous monitoring and regular check-ups throughout the year.

The condition: Dry eye syndrome

Dr Christmas prescribes: Thera-Pearl Eye Mask £7

Developed by Bausch & Lomb, the mask is perfect for treating a range of eye conditions including dry eye, blepharitis, sinus headaches, irritation and relieve puffy eyes. Can be used hot or cold.

The condition: Back pain

Dr Christmas prescribes: TRX Rocker £39.95

This black and yellow rocker is a great alternative to traditional foam rollers for anyone who needs to stretch out their back at home. The rocking motion releases muscles, increases blood flow and circulation. Available in 13” or 26”.

The complaint: knee pain

Dr Christmas prescribes: Beurer EM29 2 in 1 Knee and Elbow TENS Machine £44.99

Beurer EM29 2 in 1 Knee and Elbow TENS Machine 

For anyone with arthritis in the knee or tennis elbow, topical pain relief can be a tricky business. Now a new TENS machine which can fit to your joint using an ergonomic cuff offers safe and side-effect free pain relief. TENS devices relieve pain by sending electrical impulses through electrodes. These impulses work on the nervous system, reducing its ability to transmit pain signals to the brain and spinal cord.

The condition: Insomnia

Dr Christmas prescribes: Mela Weighted blanket, from £124.99

三级成人视频The sleep solution of 2019, weighted blankets are designed to make sleeper feel comforted and held through gentle pressure, relieving anxiety and promoting the production of oxytocin, the hormone associated with being cuddled. The weight is distributed evenly across the blanket with anti-rustle glass pellets placed in 10cm x 10cm pockets.

The condition: Aching muscles

Dr Christmas prescribes: Gtech MYO Touch £299.99

 Gtech MYO Touch 

This adjustable automated massaging bed could just be the hit of your festive season. You can use it to help ease stiff and sore muscles. It looks like a camp bed when assembled – which is easy. The foam roller which creates the pressure can be set to move at different pressures and to focus on different areas of the body.

The condition: Stress

Dr Christmas prescribes: HoMedics Gel Shiatsu Portable Pillow £99.99

HoMedics Gel Shiatsu Massage Pillow 

A portable pillow which can help you chill out anywhere, this has super soft gel massage nodes, plus there’s a heat function to help you get to sleep.

三级成人视频Available from:  and Amazon

The condition: Feeling faint

三级成人视频Dr Christmas prescribes: Festive Olive Pickings Alternative Christmas Healthy Hamper £47.50

These hampers feature the best olive oil and olive leaf tea. New research at the University of Tsukuba, has found that nutrients found in olive leaf tea are useful in the production of healthy red blood cells and that further research could show them useful against anaemia and other red cell disorders.

The condition: Chronic pain

Dr Christmas prescribes: Theragun liv £229

三级成人视频This high-tech massager uses percussive therapy to relieve pain. The chunky device delivers repetitive strokes into muscle 16 mm deep, 40 times a second to stimulate circulation, generate heat, and release your deepest tension. You can use the Theragun app to ensure your hitting the right spot and for advice on how to relieve pain.

The condition: Feeling Blue

Dr Christmas prescribes: The Wellbeing Bouquet £39.99

The Wellbeing Bouquet

For anyone who doesn’t cope well at Christmas, this unusual bouquet could be a lovely gift. It features yellow chrysanthemums, associated with reducing stress and anxiety and gerbera daisies - known to be air purifiers, removing harmful toxins such as trichloroethylene and benzene from the air, to improve respiration and promote a restful night’s sleep. There are also White oriental lilies, often used in aromatherapy三级成人视频 to treat headaches and depression.

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The condition: Everything’s wrong

Dr Christmas prescribes: Tickets to The Get Well Show at Olympia 21-23 February 2020 £20 per day

For anyone fascinated by their health, treat them to a ticket to this exhibition which features speakers such as psychiatrist Dr Pam Shervanick who treats her patients holistically and Dr Nyjon Eccles – one of the pioneers of natural healthcare including thermography for early breast cancer detection.