Roy Hodgson, manager of Crystal Palace
Roy Hodgson, manager of Crystal Palace Credit: GETTY IMAGES

Roy Hodgson has warned against using “artificial means” to determine the final standings in the Premier League三级成人视频 as he spoke of a widespread agreement that the season must be completed.

In a letter to Crystal Palace三级成人视频 supporters, in which he praised players across the league for supporting the NHS, Hodgson said the club would do “what it takes” to get the season finished, even if that meant playing matches in a condensed period.

Leagues have been warned by Uefa that their teams could be barred from playing European football next season if they cancel their seasons as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

三级成人视频“Everyone is in total agreement we need an end to this season,” Hodgson said.

“We don’t want artificial means of deciding who wins the league, who gets into the Champions League, who gets relegated and promoted.

Crystal Palace's Jordan Ayew celebrates scoring against Brighton in February Credit: ACTION IMAGES

三级成人视频“Ideally our players would have three or four weeks’ minimum to prepare for the first match back, but I accept there may have to be a squeeze on that timeframe. It might mean extra restrictions at our place of work - the training ground - for example.

“It may also mean that we have to play our nine remaining matches in a shorter period of time than we normally would have done, and subsequently receive a shorter break between the seasons.

“But I think with all of these sacrifices – and I am uncomfortable using that word in such a context - everyone will be more than happy to go along with what it takes in order to get playing again as soon as possible in order to get the season finished.”

The former England manager, who at 72 is the oldest manager in the Premier League, said he and his wife are healthy. They are spending part of their days “sitting with a book” and watching the River Thames go by from their apartment in West London.