Zesty, vibrant and full of flavour, gin cocktails are the only thing we're drinking this summer 
Zesty, vibrant and full of flavour... Credit: Getty Images

It’s hardly surprising the simplest gin cocktails have made a comeback this summer. During and even since lockdown, perhaps on a more limited budget, who wants to conjure up complex concoctions with expensive spirits, exotic garnishes and bizarre bitters? It seems many of us have turned to the classics that contain few (and easily come-by) ingredients.

Joel Harrison, spirits writer and co-author with Neil Ridley of (Mitchell Beazley, £25), gives two prime examples of gin cocktails popular in summer 2020. First up, the gimlet (hard “G” please), a simple marriage of lime and gin. “You don’t have to use fresh lime,” he says, “though a squeeze at the end is a good touch.”

Instead, Harrison suggests lime cordial (, or an own-label, see below). I make a gimlet with 20ml lime cordial, 60ml plain gin, over ice. Harrison tips making it in a large batch in a kilner jar, then serving on ice or even topped up with cold sparkling water.

三级成人视频Second, he tips the “bee’s knees”. This is back in vogue partly because it uses such commonplace ingredients.

三级成人视频Gin, honey and lemon juice are items most of us have. They add up to what Harrison calls “that magic cocktail triumvirate: strong, sweet and sour”. Try 50ml plain gin, 30ml lemon juice and two teaspoons of honey, shaken together without ice to dissolve the honey, then again with ice and strained into a chilled coupe glass.

三级成人视频Easiest of all, he says, is adding fresh garden herbs to a G&T. He favours a fresh sprig of rosemary. Clap it between your hands to bruise it and release the aromatic oils, then drop it in and enjoy.

Try these...

From left: Warner’s Honeybee Gin; Waitrose Lime Cordial; Beefeater London 
Dry Gin

Beefeater London 
Dry Gin
, England

(40%, widely available from £18 for 70cl)

My go-to gin of the cheaper big brands, and the one I use regularly for cocktails, Beefeater has long been made by Desmond Payne. It’s a classic London dry, big on juniper and bright with citrus, balanced and consistent.

Waitrose Lime Cordial

( for 500ml, down to £1.60 until Aug 25)

三级成人视频Some cordials are overly sweet or they do not taste quite natural enough, but this one is well-balanced – with a lot of fresh, zesty and tangy lime flavour. This 
lime cordial can prove useful in many different drinks.

Warner’s Honeybee Gin
, Harrington, Northamptonshire, England

(40%, , £33.75 for 70cl; , £35.95; , £38)

三级成人视频If you want to splash out on a more unusual gin, make it this, with its sweet honey notes, floral nuances, and smooth but lightly spicy finish. Use it as the base for your bee’s knees, cutting the honey by half.