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Arizona Muse
Arizona wears silk and lace dress, Dolce & Gabbana, available to rent for £23 per day from MyWardrobeHQ; Wool hat, £170, Christian Dior Vintage at Modes and More. Vintage dress, £250, Fredrica at Open for Vintage; Repurposed tulle gloves, £150, T Label. Credit: Photography: Sarah Blais / Styling: Tona Stell

It’s early March when Stella’s shoot with Arizona Muse takes place in a shabby- chic Victorian pile in south-east London, and coronavirus still feels like a crisis happening somewhere else. In fact, Arizona is just back from a holiday with her family in the Dominican Republic, and in between trying not to scratch her mosquito-bitten legs and posing in the piles of vintage, upcycled and rented delights that have been sourced for the shoot, she’s explaining why that will be the last far-flung, fly-and-flop holiday they will be going on. 

三级成人视频‘I did feel flight shame, I really did,’ she reflects. ‘I booked it almost a year ago, and I’m not going to do that again.’ In the future, she plans to take the train to explore more places in Europe, and if she does travel long-haul, she’ll make it an educational trip. 

It’s perhaps not the perspective you’d expect from a supermodel whose CV includes more than 20 Vogue covers, catwalk appearances for Prada, Chanel, Michael Kors and many more, plus advertising campaigns with Chopard, Stella McCartney and Estée Lauder. Don’t they all flit from first-class  cabins to super-yachts? Many might, but 31-year-old Arizona is taking the road less travelled, using the influence that her fame and beauty afford her to campaign for more compassion in the fashion industry, for people and the environment.

Arizona wears linen jacket, £1,175, and trousers, £600, both Giuliva Heritage at The Responsible Edit, Matches Fashion; Embroidered cotton shoes, £740, and embroidered canvas bag, £2,700, both Dior Archive. Rhinestone earrings, Dior Vintage, available to hire from £45 for four days at 4Element Credit: Photography: Sarah Blais / Styling: Tona Stell

A decade ago, her life looked rather different. Born in Tucson, Arizona (few could get away with being named after their place of birth, but Arizona is a fabulous exception), and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she began modelling as a teenager and moved to LA. Her son Nikko was born in 2009 and she returned to work the following year, juggling modelling commitments with being a single mother after she split from her son’s father, Manuel Quintana. That was when her big break came: Arizona was chosen to open and close Prada’s spring/summer 2011 show, one of the industry’s greatest accolades.  

‘About five years in, I realised that I had no idea what these clothes I was modelling were made of, who made them, where they were made, or what process it took to make them,’ she recalls now, wide-eyed and refreshingly devoid of cynicism as she perches on a window seat in a jumper and skinny jeans after the shoot. Having not gone to university, learning about environmental issues turned out to be the perfect passion project, and this was before being an eco-warrior was even fashionable. ‘I’m hooked for ever. It turns  out I’m a complete materials nerd. I want to know everything. So what’s in this white paint? How many chemicals and minerals were in there? Did they all need to be there? I’m just so curious.’

Arizona wears Dior on the cover of Stella magazine. Wool and silk jacket, £3,000, tulle skirt, £2,800, calf skin boots, £2,390, and briefs, £670, all Dior Archive

三级成人视频A short course on sustainable business  at Cambridge University and a voracious appetite for documentaries and books ( and are her top recommendations) mean that Arizona knows her stuff, switching effortlessly from discussing ocean biodiversity to regenerative agriculture. When we talk about some of the positive effects that the coronavirus lockdowns have had on the environment (levels of air pollutants are down as much as 50 per cent in some cities), she is quick to point out that video conferencing, live-streaming and emails still have a carbon footprint. As for Arizona’s own lockdown,to share that she and her family are spending it on an organic farm, learning ‘to grow vegetables and raise animals, and basically living in nature’.

Arizona wears wool dress, £19.99, Vintage Norman Hartnell Berketex at Oxfam Online. Embroidered canvas bag, as before   Credit: Photography: Sarah Blais / Styling: Tona Stell

She’s upbeat despite the challenges we face. ‘I don’t feel climate depression, because climate action is the antidote to that,’ she tells me. ‘You feel paralysed when you aren’t doing anything about it, but if you’re doing something and learning, that counts. Once you know how awful something is, you just don’t want it any more. You know?’

三级成人视频Which may make you question why she still wants to be part of the fashion world at all. But fashion is what Arizona knows, and she’s savvily worked out that being in its midst and remaining an in-demand model puts her in a powerful position. ‘When I’m on a shoot now, I’m usually with the head designer and the CEO, and guess what I’m doing all day? Chat, chat, chat,’ she laughs. I can just imagine her irresistible eagerness to spread the word rubbing off on even the most jaded executives. 

One fashion house she’s working with is Dior. On Stella’s cover, she’s wearing an archive look that was first seen on the catwalk in 2017 (though it’s still available to buy via the 30 Montaigne collection, which is comprised of classic house designs). ‘I love the brand! It’s just so beautiful, I’m really drawn to Maria Grazia Chiuri. She’s just an incredible powerhouse,’ says Arizona of the French label’s first female creative director. It’s not unqualified praise, though. ‘I’ve heard Maria Grazia say that she wants to shift Dior in a more sustainable direction and I really hope that happens rapidly, because it could. Dior is in a position where it already uses such high-quality materials, but it can’t hide behind this excuse that high-quality materials are sustainable.’ 

Arizona taking part in an Extinction Rebellion protest in London in January Credit: Guy Bell/Alamy Live News

Arizona was famous at the beginning of her career for being a single mum and then becoming a supermodel. ‘It’s quite fresh still,’ she says, shivering a little at memories of contending with childcare, nannies, working on  a different continent each week and, possibly, some quite public exchanges with Nikko’s father, who published defamatory blogs and emails about her. ‘Being a single mother is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and my heart goes out to single parents. It is not easy,’ she continues. ‘And it doesn’t get easier. I would never do that to myself again.’

When Nikko was five, she took him to see French osteopath Boniface Verney-Carron to help with teeth-grinding. She fell in love and a year later plucked up the courage to tell Boniface how she felt. ‘In the nick of time my husband appeared. He is the best thing that ever happened to us,’ she beams. They got engaged after Boniface proposed in Florence, and married in a low-key London ceremony in 2017, for which Arizona wore an impeccably simple Temperley bias-cut gown. In 2018, she gave birth to their daughter, Cy. 

三级成人视频Arizona has been especially grateful for the close relationship that Boniface and Nikko have formed. ‘They are so close and love each other so much.’ She tells me that Manuel has recently passed away. ‘It was a big deal. Even though we didn’t have much contact, he was a huge part of my life. Of course, we had a child together.’

Arizona with her husband Boniface Verney-Carron Credit: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Hugo Boss

Her experience of having Cy has been completely different. ‘I’m 10 years older than I was when I had Nikko. I love parenting. I think it’s the most important thing that I get to do in my life. I put a lot of thought into that, and I read a lot of books. I am well aware that humans do not innately know how to raise our young. I didn’t play with my son enough, at all. I was way too busy mentally and overwhelmed and that’s something that I really look back on and regret.’

三级成人视频Another upside of having found modelling success was that she could have uninterrupted maternity leave to enjoy Cy. ‘It’s the most amazing career for having kids, actually, because no one wants you when you’ve just had a baby. So you get complete freedom to just be with your child.’

Although she still works with glossy brands, Arizona has also focused her time on the fashion and eco causes she believes in. She’s been on marches with Extinction Rebellion and works with the rental site My Wardrobe HQ, where she both hires out her own wardrobe and rents pieces for events – for our shoot she wears a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana dress that can be rented for £23 a day. ‘The point of rental is that something that isn’t new to you, can be new to me,’ she enthuses. She has abandoned plans to launch her own sustainable line, realising that she could have a ‘bigger impact being more of an educator than a brand owner’. 

三级成人视频Of course, the whole family has been recruited to Arizona’s eco-living mission. She donates everyone’s pre-loved clothes to Oxfam and buys ‘second-hand everything’, even down to the kitchen utensils. ‘My husband has been complaining because we don’t have a salad spinner. I said, “Nooo! They’re plastic.” So I looked on eBay and I found this gorgeous ’70s-looking salad spinner. It’s really fun.’ Nikko, meanwhile, is her ‘best audience’. ‘He’s a little environmentalist. He says, “Eww, Mum look at the plastic over there.” And I’m like, “Oh gross!”’ Humour, kindness and awareness… Something tells me the world will be needing plenty more Nikkos and Arizonas.

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