'We’re buying groceries for family and friends. Can I ask them for the money?'
'We’re buying groceries for family and friends. Can I ask them for the money?' Credit: REUTERS/Rii Schroer

Dear Richard

三级成人视频Having secured a precious supermarket delivery slot, I was dismayed when my wife threw our order open to family and friends who have missed life’s little luxuries over the past few weeks.

I am concerned it will seem churlish to ask that they pay for the goods they receive (which my wife promises to distribute around in an appropriately socially distant, Santa-like way) – and of course I am all in favour of the spirit of community and so on. But I would also like to remain solvent, and perhaps nip this in the bud as a potential precedent. Any advice?

Justin, London W9

Dear Justin

三级成人视频I think you’re worrying unnecessarily. No one expects a free lunch and I think you should relax and trust your family and friends not to rip you off.

三级成人视频I’m currently doing some shopping for our neighbours (a couple who both have the virus) plus an elderly friend who prefers not to risk going to the supermarket. It’s a simple arrangement. I leave the till receipt in the bag on their doorstep and when all this is all over, we’ll settle up.

三级成人视频You should do the same. If that’s complicated because your wife is dividing stuff up, just use a calculator to tot up the value of each goody bag and jot it on a note inside, saying something like: “Don’t worry about this now – just bung us a cheque or something when normal service has been resumed.”

I think your wife has done exactly the right thing. It’s kind, generous and thoughtful, and everyone must be extremely grateful to her. Just keep a tab running. You’ll get your money back when it’s done.