Best kids movies TV shows children's programmes to watch self-isolation lockdown
Stuck in the house with an awkward teen? Watch Sex Education with them, one of the most glorious television programmes ever about...awkward teens (and their even more awkward parents)

It looks like we may all be spending a lot more time at home over the next few months, which is tricky if you’re trying to keep children entertained三级成人视频. If you’re concerned about resorting to screens, remember that psychologists agree that it’s not screen-time that’s harmful, but the quality of what children watch. It’s also a bonding experience to watch as a family, whether you’re viewing highbrow adaptations or trash, glorious trash. 

Almost as if it knew the UK was going into lockdown三级成人视频, launched in Europe on March 25 (£49.99/year), with entertainment gold from the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and National Geographic vaults. You can also rent films via , , , the and .

Best new movies and shows on TV

Netflix is streaming the exquisite, imaginative films of the Anime Studio Ghibli, including (U) and (PG). Bond with your teens over (Netflix), a dating show with physical attraction taken out of the equation. The photorealistic (2019; Now TV) stars the voices of Beyonce and Donald Glover, and the Oscar-winning (PG; Now TV) is a dazzlingly animated love story to comic books. (Netflix) is a not-for-the-fainthearted watch with (older) teenagers, but it’s funny and wise. 

What to watch by age group


三级成人视频Teach your kids Maths while they watch with the entertaining ; does the same with letters. answer science questions, and guides kids through easy cooking lessons. is good for crafts (all CBeebies). Dora the Explorer (Amazon) teaches Spanish words and pronunciation, and Baby Einstein Classics (Amazon Prime) covers art, colours and scientific discovery to a soundtrack of classical music. (Youtube) teaches through games, songs and lots of muppets. (Cbeebies) features world-travelling super heroes, and the (Netflix) educates Dr Seuss style. 

For longer TV sessions, are uplifting preschool-friendly watches, as is anything by Aardman (, ; all Netflix), and the (Disney +).


Discover the science of stuff, from evaporation to ice cream, via (Cbeebies). Good old (CBBC) soldiers on, a reliable source of interesting topics and ideas. The (CBBC), features a kids’ detective agency while teaching ages 5-8 about maths. 

三级成人视频Introduce your kids to classic stories similar to those taught in KS2, such as the (iTunes), (Netflix) and . 

Now is the perfect time to get stuck into His Dark Materials Credit: BBC

The acclaimed (BBC) brings the Phillip Pullman books to life, while (Netflix) follows the tribulations of the extraordinary Baudelaire orphans. series (Amazon Prime) is a sumptuously shot adventure.

Baking shows are comfort-food TV to binge together: try Junior Bake Off (CBBC), and the endearingly rubbish (both Netflix). 

(Netflix) is always a winner, and has the reassuring message that humanity has survived many worse wars, pestilences and plagues. 


With a literary theme, watch the brilliant black-and-white David Lean-directed (PG; 1946) and (1948). (PG-13) and the (12) directed by Baz Luhrmann are eye-candy adaptations that are accessible for older kids. Watch Netflix’s gripping, retro , and the updated Anne of Green Gables Stanley Kubrick’s (U) is a must-see, and (U) is an eco sci-fi classic. Or settle down to , all 12 series of it (iPlayer), enough to see you through an apocalypse.  

三级成人视频Watch the (Netflix), shorts that cover topics from the rise of cryptocurrency to the world of K-pop. Prod design-curious teenagers to watch (Netflix), which profiles top designers and architects. Remember when climate change was the world’s most ominous threat? Relive those happy days by watching Leonardo Dicaprio’s documentary (Disney +). 

One of the joys of your kids growing older is watching comedy with them. Classics include (12A; Netflix), the IT Crowd (All 4), Friends (Amazon), (Netflix), and police-precinct-based (Netflix). (Netflix) runs with the idea that hell is other people, while (Netflix) explores quantum mechanics as well as dark humour. Sunny, sweet (Netflix) has a whip-smart script by Tina Fey. 

Whole family

Escape real life by watching Blue Planet II Credit: BBC

三级成人视频Sofa-surf the natural world through watching , (BBC) and (Netflix).  Don’t miss, also, the brilliant (Youtube), a French animation about the wonder of insects. 

Alpha parents should check out the content, where you can watch anything from 1970s the Clangers to the 1908 silent film of Alice in Wonderland (all free). They also have great movies for rent (£1-3.50), including (PG), and Oscar-nominated Japanese animation (PG).  

三级成人视频Studio Ghibli’s (U; Netflix) is a magical tale about a five-year-old boy who befriends a goldfish princess. Classic family films include (when a mum and daughter swap bodies), the (identical twins try to reunite their parents), whale-bonding (Netflix), cute-alien classic and time travel fun in , as well as perfect romantic comedy (Netflix). And if you’re really in need of a boost, sing your heart out like an Italian on a balcony. 

Musicals such as , , and (all Netflix) or , , , , , and the are bound to lift the spirits.

Have we missed one of your family favourites? Please let us know in the comments below.