How to make a great Christmas Eve box, from gift ideas to ready-made boxes

How to make a Christmas Eve box: Best gifts to put inside
Christmas Eve boxes are the new Christmas tradition - but it's dividing some parents

The Christmas Eve box came to Blighty back in 2017 and two years on the craze is bigger and better than ever. Here we've compiled a complete 2019 guide to Christmas Eve boxes, from what they are to what you should stash inside them

Hang on, what is a Christmas Eve box?

Reports of its existence on these shores, imported from overseas climes, surfaced in 2016 and since then online parenting comment boards are ablaze with discussion about the 'new tradition'三级成人视频, which sees lucky children receiving a box of presents on Christmas Eve. Think of it as an early Christmas stocking.

The fad is understood to be borne of the German tradition of opening presents on Christmas三级成人视频 Eve, but may also reflect the fact...

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