三级成人视频Britain’s biggest listed private equity fund is under fire for lobbying the Government to prevent holidaymakers hit by the Covid-19 lockdown from accessing cash refunds.

三级成人视频FTSE 100 investment firm 3i was accused of “gorging off other people’s money” after extracting almost £100m from a travel agent it owns before demanding a moratorium on rules that force the industry to refund customers within two weeks for cancelled trips.

三级成人视频Operators are under increasing pressure from consumer groups for using delaying tactics to retain billions of pounds owed back to customers.

三级成人视频A letter by Richard Prosser, the chairman of 3i-owned Audley Travel and online agent Loveholidays, warns that “the situation is catastrophic”.

Using money paid upfront to fund operations is a “way of life” in the travel sector, said industry veteran David Speakman. “People are gorging off other people’s money,” he added.

A spokesman for 3i said it is “working closely with Audley to address the current challenges”.