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Helen Mirren
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If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s both an appreciation for the things that really matter and the realisation that there are ‘bonuses’ we can live without. For instance, we adapted to Zoom fitness classes in place of gyms and administered our own facials at home – but forgoing regular haircuts (and colour) was a sacrifice we struggled to abide.

三级成人视频Since hairdressers reopened, we’ve been able to resume our usual grooming routines, but for how long?  When I arrived at my hairdresser’s for my first trim in months, he suggested a few smart tweaks to my ‘usual’ that would keep my cut looking better for longer, should a second peak occur. Enter the ‘lockdown-proof haircut’, one that can withstand a three-month hiatus and still look as good as it did the day you had it done.

三级成人视频In my case, hairdresser Larry King cut in more layers around the sides of my face to ensure the hair that frames my features maintains its flattering shape as it grows out, while the back of my hair remained in a blunt line to keep it looking in a uniform, classy condition.

三级成人视频I talked to numerous hairstylists to get ‘lockdown-proofing’ tips that would work for everyone. The obvious advice is to go an inch or two shorter if you have a bob for instance and have some shape cut into it, like Helen Mirren so elegantly does.

For mid-length styles, choppy layers are key to maintaining volume when hair exceeds its optimum length. Fringes with a graduated, curved shape will grow out into cheek-skimming layers rather than a straight line that grows over the eyes. And ‘invisibly’ snipping off split-ends, by taking the tiniest amount off the length, is a must for long-haired styles, says Demi Moore’s hairstylist Ivan Ferrera.

Fringes with a graduated, curved shape will grow out into cheek-skimming layers rather than a straight line that annoyingly grows over one’s eyes

三级成人视频Finally, when it comes to colour, balayage (hand-painted highlights) should be applied in extra measure around the perimeter of the face to disguise grey regrowth beyond the requisite six weeks. 

Take inspiration from the styles here and, should we encounter a second lockdown, one thing you can relax about is your hair. 

5 lockdown-proof hair tweaks

A curved feathery fringe is ideal 

Caroline de Maigret  Credit: Getty

Face framing tendrils skim your cheekbones 

Halle Berry Credit: getty

The perfect lockdown-proof bob has shape around the face 

Helen Mirren

Shaggy layers grow out perfectly 

Freya Beya 

Balayage gives blondes and brunettes a brighter look 

Duchess of Cambridge   Credit: getty