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Sustainable, recyclable, zero waste… This was all just a cherry-on-top for many beauty companies for a long, long time. But now it’s a duty of care. The fact that a product is made sustainably, from recycled packaging  or has a container that can be repurposed somehow, should be a major consideration for any new brand. And it’s not just your  typical ‘green’ brands that are paving the way for a more sustainable future in beauty.

The first one to shout about is Ren, which aims to be zero waste by next year. It has been using a groundbreaking method to turn low-quality plastic, which would otherwise end up in landfill, into ‘good as new’ packaging for its products.

Better still, traditionally you can only recycle plastic up to seven times before it’s rendered useless, but with this new technology, there is no limit to how many times its products can be recycled. Ren calls it ‘infinite recycling’. I call it inspiring.

三级成人视频I’d also like to highlight a brand I’ve loved since it launched almost a decade ago. Kjaer Weis (founded by the Danish born, New York-based make-up artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis) is a pioneer of chic, refillable make-up. The weighty silver metal cases are designed to be used for years and years. Simply click in the lipstick, blush or foundation refills and you’re good to go. It doesn’t come cheap, but the product is exceptional. I’m obsessed with the new Flush & Glow blushers. 

Another brand to note is Australian Glow, a tanning brand that uses plastic waste from the ocean for all of its packaging. It also has excellent refill pouches, so once you buy a bottle, you won’t need another. And an exciting new brand, just launched this month, is Bolt Beauty.

三级成人视频The range consists of single-dose capsules of skincare, designed to keep the active ingredients potent. Each capsule is made from a biodegradable seaweed, so once it’s used, you can dissolve it in water. Absolutely zero waste – genius.  Find all of these, and more of my favourite products doing their bit, listed below.

8 green wonders to try now

Arlington Shampoo Bar, £9.95, D R Harris 

Radiance Ritual Glow Mask, from  £15, Luneia  

 Toothpaste Tabs, £6.95 for a month’s supply (£5/month with  a subscription),  Pärla

 4. Flush & Glow Duo in Luminous Flush, £44, Kjaer Weis  

Flush & Glow Duo in Luminous Flush, £44, Kjaer Weis  

ADC 01 High Performance Moisturiser, from £55, ADC Beauty 

1 Hour Express  Self Tan Mousse Refill, £13.99, by Australian Glow

 Overnight Glow Dark Spot Sleeping Cream, £49, Ren 

Vitamin A Game Home Jar, £50,  Bolt Beauty  

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